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Carlin Style Deposits

The style of gold mineralisation found on the South Kyrgyz Gold Project exhibits the same characteristics as the Carlin-style deposits of Nevada in the USA.

Carlin-style deposits are structurally controlled epigenetic, disseminated, auriferous pyrite deposits that are hosted in calcareous sedimentary rocks, with or without igneous rocks, and the gold mineralisation is associated with arsenic and mercury.

The Carlin-style deposits in Nevada are typically gold only deposits that occur in multi-deposit clusters that occur in well defined structural trends with a number of world-class deposits (+5 million ounces of gold), such as Carlin and Gold Quarry, that are surrounded by large number of satellite deposits (+500,000 ounces of gold).

The Carlin-style deposits of Nevada have yielded an estimated total gold endowment (produced and resources) in excess of 150 million ounces over an area of approximately 700km². Other well known Carlin-style deposits located in Asia include Jinfeng in China and Sepon in Laos.

Manas is applying a proven exploration model for targeting Carlin-style gold deposits at its South Kyrgyz Gold Project.


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